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It was a bit quite here - but this is not because the project is stalled. In contrast: BuildingBlocks are being build! Tickets are mobile - you rarely see people showing their tickets on their PC. In fact I have only seen this at CCC events so far ;-) This means we need light clients to really decentralize this space and not just have the blockchain as one expensive database. So focus is currently on the development of WALLETH.

When WALLETH is ready - then esPass will integrate with it. Even though light-clients sound light - they are just lighter than normal clients. In a mobile context they are still pretty heavy. This is why WALLETH is a separate project and the BlockChain functionality is not directly included in PassAndroid. One of the reasons for this update is as I am seeing more and more projects popping up in this space and I want to prevent resources from being wasted. I made a list of all projects in this space I know of here.